7 July 2016 – v.2.0.5

Yes, it’s here! After more than 200 hours of work here it is: MESH2! Take care when you update to this version because many options have changed so you may encounter some differences and you will have to go to the Customizer or MESH Options and re-make some settings. ????
Some things that have changed:
- Typography options – now you can customize the fonts of the theme.
- Colors options – now you can modify all the colors of the theme’s background, text, overlays and more.
- New Players – there are 2 new players in town and you can find them in Visual Composer.
- Many CSS fixes – yes, there was a lot of work on the CSS part of the theme. Many things like the mobile version of the theme have changed a bit.
- Covers Options – you know that for any page you can add cover images. Now you can manipulate the overlay opacity of it.
- Page Options – we’ve also added some new page options where you can enable/disable the header or footer for any page, or you can play with other options like menu types.
- ShoutCast Radio V1 Now Playing – now you can show what song is playing on your radio in MESH Player. Your server should support the fsockopen function for this one to work. In the near future we’ll make shoutcast v2 and icecast the same way.
- Carousel Content Shortcode – now has options for how many events/artists or categories to show.
- Photo Download Button – for each photo in the photo albums now you can download them.
- Instagram Solved – there was a problem with Instagram since 1st of June. Now it’s solved.
- Solved cart icon appearing on mobile even if it was disabled.
- We tried to solve a problem that appeared on the header sometimes when you were navigating through the pages.
- Solved problem with reseting settings after update.
- Solved problem with sharing buttons that didn’t shared the right urls.
- Solved google maps problem.
- Added light demo settings.